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“ FOUNDRY 4.0 ”

Foundry 4.0 webinar seeks to provide solutions and experience in the new era of industrial 4.0 manufacturing. In the ever-evolving world of foundry operations, new challenges arise every day and it is important that foundries make fast and accurate operation decisions to answer these challenges. One of the key tools in successfully implementing 4.0 in the production line is software for data collection and analysis. By having accurate information and data on demand, the way production is run in a foundry will evolve into a leaner and more efficient operation.


The webinar will feature the newest platform solutions for 4.0 implementation in foundry operations, and also sharing the experience of one of the premier die-casting manufacturing facility in Indonesia.


Opening Remarks :

Erwan Yulianto
Chairman of APLINDO (Indonesian Foundry Industries Association)

Speakers :

- Christian Kleeberg

  Managing Partner RGU ASIA Pte Ltd

- Sabah Saparian

  Director of PT Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia


Moderator :
Iwan Lukito

Vice Chairman of APLINDO (Indonesian Foundry Industries Association)

Join our webinar and learn more about 4.0 implementation in foundry industries from the industry experts. Save the date and join us !

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